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This blog is largely just an archive of my old Google Knol articles. Please visit Inquiry Into Inquiry for my current blogging activity.

Sunset At Hawk’s Nest

Platinum pupil and golden orange iris, Pure rose and turquoise the lids of the eye, Lashes of evergreen and the gliding hawk’s wing, Dark umber brows of the rustling oak bough. Plato’s puppet dances without strings, Tracing the shade of the fair plane tree, Yet under his gaze nothing is new But shadows cast from […]

Fourier Analysis

No one who exists Ever ceases to exist. It’s just one’s vision — Temporarily obscured.

The Present Is Big With The Future

“Now that I have proved sufficiently that everything comes to pass according to determinate reasons, there cannot be any more difficulty over these principles of God’s foreknowledge. Although these determinations do not compel, they cannot but be certain, and they foreshadow what shall happen. “It is true that God sees all at once the whole […]

Inquiry Into Inquiry

The spirit of inquiry comes from the heart. Where it lives there’s no need to force it. Where it’s dead there’s no way to argue it into being —— it demands an external shock or an internal quake, a sense of anharmony to kick-start it back to the realm of life. But don’t underestimate the […]

Jon Awbrey

Have Logic, Will Travel

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Theory of Signs

“Semeiotic” is a term used by Charles Sanders Peirce that serves to distinguish his theory of triadic sign relations from other approaches to the same subject matter, more generally referred to as “semiotics”.